The Life of a Deposit – From Realtor to Close

General Lynda Thai-Baird 15 Feb

Buying a property can be overwhelming. Knowing who does what, where your money goes and all the ins and outs will provide you with some peace of mind when it comes to your deposit. Typically, when purchasing you are required to put a deposit down through your realtor. Buyers are typically relieved to find out […]

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5 Tips to Get Pre-Approved for a Higher Loan Amount

General Lynda Thai-Baird 1 Feb

Getting pre-approved is a crucial first step when buying a home. It tells you how much you can spend on a home between your down payment and the approved loan amount. Sometimes, though, the pre-approval amount is lower than what you expect, throwing a wrench in your plans. Here are five ways to increase your […]

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What To Do If Canada Enters A Recession

General Lynda Thai-Baird 16 Jan

Recessions can feel scary. Suddenly thousands of people are without jobs, and there’s less money circulating in the economy. But, before a recession hits, most Canadians can feel it coming. Here’s what to look for and how to react should a recession hit Canada in 2023. What is a Recession? A recession occurs after six […]

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Does it Make Sense to Refinance After the Holidays?

General Lynda Thai-Baird 3 Jan

If the holidays left you with a mountain of credit card debt and less money in your bank account than you’d like, you might consider refinancing. It won’t solve every homeowner’s problem, and not every homeowner will be eligible, but it may help you start the New Year fresh. Reasons to Consider Refinancing after the […]

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First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Program

General Lynda Thai-Baird 2 Aug

The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive launches on September 2, 2019 and was designed to help qualified first-time home buyers reduce their monthly mortgage carrying costs without adding to their financial burdens. There are a few qualifiers to apply for this incentive: you need to have the minimum down payment to be eligible your maximum qualifying […]

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Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal & Credit Counselling

General Lynda Thai-Baird 17 Jul

The Canadian Bankers Association’s latest report on mortgage delinquency shows that Alberta has the third highest per capita of all the provinces at .49%. The national average shows that .25% of home owners are having difficulty paying their mortgage. At first glance these numbers seem relatively small until you note the fine print that “delinquency” […]

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Buying a Home with a Rental Suite

General Lynda Thai-Baird 3 Jul

As the prices of homes have elevated in many locations over recent years, often aspiring homeowners will consider buying a property with intent to rent out part of the space, such as a basement or spare bedroom, to tenants or roommates. The benefit of this plan is to use the rental income to offset the […]

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The Professionals To Hire When Buying A Home

General Lynda Thai-Baird 31 Jan

Assembling a knowledgeable and cohesive home-buying team will help ensure you have a smooth and stress-free experience. Here are the individuals that are integral to the process: Mortgage Professional A mortgage professional will help arrange the financing for your home. He or she will help you understand your home-buying budget, research the market, and help […]

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Some Important Things to Consider Before Your Mortgage Renewal

General Lynda Thai-Baird 15 Jan

Your upcoming mortgage renewal provides you a great opportunity to recalibrate and plan for the future. Here’s a list of a few important things you should consider before that day approaches: Can you handle fluctuating rates? Some homeowners are nervous about any increase to interest rates, while others are comfortable to go with the flow. […]

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The 3 Crucial Things you Need to Get a Mortgage

General Lynda Thai-Baird 2 Jan

There are a few components required for you to successfully qualify for a mortgage. Here are the three crucial things you need to get yourself approved to buy that home: Income There are many different ways people earn income nowadays (salary, commissions, bonus, tips, etc.). Lenders would like to see that you receive a consistent […]

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